Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

This was indeed a challenge for me. WordPress weekly photo challenge does not of course know everything, and one specific thing they do not know is that in the last year I had to re-assess my notions of what “hands” might mean. I though they were useful things on the ends of my arms. I worried about old-age stuff like when the carpal tunnel which has afflicted some family and friends might set in, or arthritis etc., so their usefulness might diminish. For me, unlike many in the family, my right hand is my useful one. Here it is, or part of it, doing its useful job reaching into the sink to wash my coffee cup. [Read on below, if you can be bothered, to see the challenge.]

Useful – and well-used – hand

Needless to say, there had been occasions [occasional] when a little bit of nail-varnish had been applied [that’s what we called the stuff] and I had also seen the grand-daughters effort at the new art of Nail Decoration. But I thought it was kid-stuff, or maybe wedding-stuff, until last year my daughter-in-law in Shanghai, went on a course to become a nail artist, and has now opened a shop which is doing quite well!!!! Yours truly had said nothing, but had thought rude things about the customers, like – not going to be doing a lot of dishes/nappy changing/ knocking up shelves/ cooking/ gardening/ nada nada… . Read on…

A different viewpoint from mine!


Beautiful art-work

Oh well – I still think HANDS are for using – maybe communicating in lots of ways – mine communicate my life, as indeed my face and figure also do.

As usual, a challenge, and so far I have seen a lot of nice interpretations. Look at more on the Daily Post

[Apologies to the owners of the last two photos, as I have no idea which sites I captured them from.]

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. Thanks for the pingback! I love the message from the second image. I love to paint my nails and I do the dishes everyday without gloves, I cook, and I mop (no swiffer or vacuum for me).


  2. Hands do tell a lot esp those of blue collar working people. I think the nails in the middle pic look so strange and weird but think the painted nails a very sophisticated looking. I guess it is that straight cut. Probably takes a hefty chunk out of working person’s budget but I have seen inexpensive glue ons vs hand painted.


  3. Yes, you’re right about the state of a person’s hands communicating a lot about them to others. Good luck to your d-i-l in her business venture. I really enjoy a professional manicure. 😉


    1. you got marked as spam but I am glad I took a look to see if you were in fact ‘real’. Like your posts, relax at the airport, enjoy travelling


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