create – photo challenge

Maybe its my Irish heritage, but as soon as I read the word “create” in this weeks photo challenge the association was immediate, the kind of “create” as in “Don’t create“, or “stop that creatin’ right now” I believe this meaning has the same root as all the other forms of the word, the creation … More create – photo challenge

Food for ?

Sidey’s weekend theme happened to be FOOD and serendipity / coincidence striking again [how does that happen] I had a DVD out from the Block Island Free Library. There is no TV in the condo here and american TV is so confusing anyway I just get DVD or watch stuff on the computer. So what … More Food for ?

Social Media Misfit

Hi y’all who wander over here to my blog which I was so ignorant about when I began that I just called it my own name elspethc. Is blogging social media? I think so, but think that the term usually refers to Facebook, Twitter and a host of other things, maybe even (which I … More Social Media Misfit

How close is close?

The weekly photo challenge this week is ‘close’, begging the questions, what kind of close (emotional, spatial, timewise etc.) and then, how close is close? Depends, it’s relative innit? The excellent app Star Walk took this photo of the sky at my current location and time. Note the sun is still up so neither me … More How close is close?