Out of step?

Don’t know if I should post this or not, but here goes.

I do not like this jubilee, I did not like last year’s wedding, I cannot see any point whatever in any of it. All the ‘for’ arguments sound rationalized or sentimental.

The only thing vaguely associated with it I did like which I came upon via Kate’s post (interesting as always) was a wonderful trip by Andra Watkins who stood in the very same place her father had stood so many years before and taken the photo for now that he took then. I do not particularly like that Andra put monarchy stuff in there, but she and her Dad feel something for it, which she expresses as their feelings, so I do not dislike that – I like getting to know how someone else feels about stuff and these pictures are worth seeing, with their simple words: I had to be standing where he stood, before I existed.

So how others think/feel is not what I do not like – whether orΒ  not I feel the same doesn’t matter, when I don’t get it doesn’t matter either.

I do not like: WHY should what some people think/feel be imposed on me? Who decided on the hype hoohah and holiday? WHY should we have this? Am I the only one out of step? (I do not think so.) It feels as if my feelings and my values are ignored and even trampled on. Even my Ryvita is encased in Union Jack wrapping paper, which no doubt I pay for.

This feels like avoidance of real celebration and the living in more ordinary lives.

Now, in relevance to a much more important topic (important to me, yes, and others, possibly), this feeling (grumble grumble I am anti-jubilee) is very close indeed to the feelings experienced by those on the wrong end of any kind of unfair discrimination. I know how I would get on with my life if the playing field was different. But in this context, my getting along is distorted, I have to ‘go along’ to get along (assimilate to the prevailing view) or jump up and down objecting and sound like a two year old in a tantrum, or … we all know it… the black with the chip on the shoulder, or the girl with no sense of humour … or all the other gay/religiously different/whatever different… groups where thinking about the problem gets utterly deadly unhappy boring gosh I need to get out and get a life instead …

In a discriminatory context there isn’t a way for the discriminated against to grow, without distorting the growing itself, like a tree on a cliff edge, bent by the prevailing wind. But, it matters, that we do not avoid thinking about it, even while we have fun, and it matters that we do not inadvertently add to difficult living.

I can just hide for a while if the context is not life-long. It will soon be over.

I do not like the jubilee.





5 thoughts on “Out of step?

  1. I think you’re full of integrity to post this, Elspeth. I hope you find somewhere to avoid the hubbub. (I’m off tomorrow to Jane Austen’s house and Stourhead πŸ™‚ Might be relatively jubilee-free)


    1. I had a great day with an old friend in the National Gallery – then walked home through the Meadows Festival which is more car boot sale than jubilee. I am enjoying your jubilee posts in spite of my views, and hope you enjoy Jane Austen and Stourhead


  2. You’re welcome to pop across the pond and visit me to avoid the hoopla. πŸ™‚ (Although, in America, the royals are fascinating celebrities to many people. I grew up next door to an English lady, and I’m sure it is her life-long respect and regard for the Queen that made an impression on American me.)


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