Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship
This has to be a popular topic but it is not so easy to take a photo which shows the depths and nuances. I have tried to write about friendship before as have many others. This is a photo of a photo which has been on my sitting room shelf for as long as I remember, a sunny day in Ireland, probably late 1920’s or early 30’s.

My mother is on the right leaning on her elbow, the other are two of her sisters. A rare sunny day in Ireland circa 1930? I think they were friends as well as sisters.

And now, the three in the photo below, taken 2012, have lived within a mile of each other since they were born, went to the same pre-school and now school, have shared babysitters and sleepovers, they know each other so well, may their friendship be with them always.

Three good friends, sharing their thoughts about the water, which is pretty cold!

This challenge got me thinking about my mother who had many friends but two in particular, called (by us children) Auntie E and Auntie M. My mother and these friends had met early in their lives, aged 4 or 5, and their friendships continued until  77 years later when my mother died.  I have no photos, but many pictures in my mind.

Thanks for the reminders!

20 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friendship

  1. Nice family photo’s and nice display of friendship. It is posts like these that bring new friends into our lives, like you> ♥ Jackie


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