Landform and reflections

I often have a day out, but last week there was a jubilee and the libraries were closed, so son and his working arrangements were disrupted, so he asked if he could have my sitting room instead, and I had a keep out of the way day out. I decided on the Edinburgh Modern Art Gallery. Two galleries, walk about and seats outside each, best cafe in town with garden, and if I really can’t find enough to do there is access to the Water of Leith walkway down through woods and steps. I don’t really fancy carrying the bike down the steps but a walk could be good.

Of course I forgot that Edinburgh Galleries do not allow the taking of photos inside, so I thought I would go and have a closer look at the Landform, outside, and because I had all day, I took time to look, more than usual. And, of course, had one of the best days out I have had in a long time.

Why is it we so seldom give ourselves the chance to really look at something. Everything from the feathers in the grass, the shape of the hills, the stuff that grew on the water, the reflections in it, all worth seeing. The photos do not do justice… but they will remind me of a day out on the Landform, with reflection.

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