Welcome to Block Island

Friday went OK – up at 5am Edinburgh time, taxi to airport, plane to London, plane to Boston, train and taxi to Point Judith, made the 5 pm [East USA time] ferry to Block Island. So, that’s 17 hours travel with not much sleeping time. On the long flight I watched the persian film “A Separation” (English subtitles) and agree with everyone who had told me it was really worth seeing.

So, rather tired, I got off the boat to be met by Wendy and seven children – yes – I said seven. I had a choice – be taken to the condo to settle in and sleep, or be taken to Dories Cove where Ruby, my second grand-daughter, and Alison, one of her classmates, were having their joint birthday party on the beach. Alison was 10 on 3rd June, Ruby on 4th, and there has been so much happening that they postponed the celebrations until all their class and a few friends of the sisters could come.

I nearly said “No”, but thank goodness the thought of seeing all those kids I know playing on a balmy evening on a beach was the winner. I could also say ‘Hi’ to some parents, and  and if I fell asleep someone would bring me home.

Collecting me from the boat made the birthday girls late for their own party (6-8pm) and when we arrived Callum and Hershin (the dads) had the trestle table set-up, the coolers and trashcans all organised, the barbecue going, and all other kids had already arrived. They soon headed off to the rocks and pools to play. It was (just) warm enough to swim, the sun was going down, Dories faces west to Long Island Sound, I know I am back on Block Island, one of the most beautiful and welcoming places I know.

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I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome. I know how much I will miss my other homes and the other places where I have friends, you are all in my heart. I am so fortunate.

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