Social Media Misfit

Hi y’all who wander over here to my blog which I was so ignorant about when I began that I just called it my own name elspethc. Is blogging social media? I think so, but think that the term usually refers to Facebook, Twitter and a host of other things, maybe even (which I am not on) and skype (which I use a lot) if one answers the people who say Gee I came across you online and I thought you sounded interesting. I have a facebook account, I stopped using it ages ago – it seemed to me that very little was in fact ‘social’. Most came out as self-centred even though I know the people who are/were my friends on there are indeed social and interactive. Facebook does not seem to bring out the best. I have not tried Twitter – on the life’s too short for short thoughts sort of viewpoint.

Sidey is also interested in Social Media, as part of interest in how we all as a social species deal with communication, so she picked it for this week’s theme. I imagine there are now PhDs and papers and books on it, so here goes with the one thing I feel like saying.

I do not understand the fascination with ‘followers’ as a function of NUMBER – How Many in a good number? Lots of blog posts about how to increase the number and get more followers. Am I just misreading this?

Maybe, because when looking at what the posts say it seems like good manners, or common social sense, answer those who speak to you, offer comment on their work, etc. Or, if you do not particularly like what you have seen and read, well my mum used to say “if you are not going to say something nice don’t say anything at all”.

‘Social’ is different from society, and the needs of people. Where does ‘being social’ shade over into rights and responsibilites to others? We are often most social in our own groups, less social to those in different groups.

So what is having Followers about? Too often it feels like aiming to be the most popular. Roger McGough wrote a great poem:

The Leader

I wanna be the leader
I wanna be the leader
Can I be the leader?
Can I? I can?
Promise? Promise?
Yippee I’m the leader
I’m the leader

OK what shall we do?

Roger McGough

Oh My, I just googled “wanna be leader” to find the words, and no. 1 hit was the poem as above, number 2 hit was a site offering: Seasoned bloggers and consultants Richard Byrne, Angela Maiers, and Chris Dawson will point you in the right direction to take full advantage of the word of mouth power of social media.

I have not gone further there, they may be worthy, but the blurb is exactly what I am talking about and my mother would be saying “Time to stop talking now, you are going to hurt people’s feelings.

OK, enough.

What about having a few followers, or better, a few online friends and acquaintances, a number which allows interaction with others, increase in depth of conversation, recognition of the strengths and needs and nuances in each of us? No need to ask “what shall we do?” We are already doing it.

Yesterday evening’s picture for my friends and acquaintances, taken from a walk out along the Old Harbor Breakwater beside Ballard’s Beach. On my own. Not social at all. Grateful. Content.

From Old Harbor breakwater looking south.




5 thoughts on “Social Media Misfit

  1. I’m with you Elspeth. It’s only social when it’s at an enjoyable size. Once it becomes a chore we have to look into our motive. Of course if it grows massively it becomes a leadership (but no longer a social thing), because how can you be socially interacting with 1000s of subscribers/followers? Good honest post. Frank and candid. Like it. šŸ™‚


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