Variety, and thoughts on difference

Inspired by Sidey – weekend theme “variations on a theme” – though her own experience just after posting the theme caused some hesitation and further thoughts.  However, the theme fitted right in to something I have been thinking about for a while, what is it that motivates (me? others? different others?) posting on a blog, … More Variety, and thoughts on difference

A more grey day

Yesterday was more grey than any day for weeks. The crescent beaches had walkers, not sunbathers. I decided to ride to west beach – on the north west side of the island, which is often deserted, even on sunny days. But, someone else has been here recently. They stopped for a while, the sea has … More A more grey day

A grand entrance

Sidey’s weekend theme: A Grand Entrance   Went for a walk on Old Harbor breakwater this evening The fast ferry left The New London Ferry came in Then the BI ferry from Point Judith Old Harbor – the entrance to Block Island   A very beautiful place.  

Movement: weekly photo challenge

Movement is too much of a challenge for me and my iphone so I headed over to National Geographic Travel photos and soon found this one Photo and caption by Kimberly James I have not worked out how to put it in as a photo, rather than a link, which is fair enough as … More Movement: weekly photo challenge

Sunday shenanigans

This is a picture of a boat – Callum’s boat, moored off Scotch Beach and covered in kids. He brought it round the island from New Harbor, his own girls swam in, collected their friends and they all swam out again, with boogie boards to help the younger ones. Then Callum was moored on the … More Sunday shenanigans

Gettin’ serious?

I have not written much lately … maybe it looks like I am living life too much on a beach, maybe I am tripping myself up again, gettin’ serious… missing my other sons and their lives on other continents, and my friends, the ones who are not here. Then along comes Sidey with a weekend … More Gettin’ serious?