Change, science, little bit humility…

Sidey’s weekend theme: Deflagrate

That was last weekend, sorry I am late

Had to look it up (wonderful wikipedia)

Always fancy myself as good with words – reading everything and anything since 3/4 years old – can spell, do crosswords,..

oh oh hubris, good for the soul

Deflagration [1] (Lat: de + flagrare, “to burn down”) is a term describing subsonic combustion that usually propagates through thermal conductivity; hot burning material heats the next layer of cold material and ignites it. Most “fire” found in daily life, from flames to explosions, is deflagration. Deflagration is different from detonation, which is supersonic and propagates through shock.

Fireworks, not the same as fire, but still subsonic
Beach Party: fire

I did not know this definition though I do know each word in it, I like subsonic, that is it might be slow enough to watch changes develop, or track them, fire or fireworks, we can manage them. Another check to be made, I was not very sure  how fireworks work though remembering sight and sound of them, they had to be subsonic, didn’t they?

Quite a metaphor – a change we can cope with. A change we set up deliberately, and [usually] try to control, or use responsibly.

Now, I am wondering about science, particularly why lots of people say something like: “I don’t know anything about that”. Not true, everyone has lived and learned science most of their lives, change, what change? what kind of change? how will we cope with that? Find the right words and we know what we do know and can check what we do not, surely that is what science is all about, a combination of observation, curiosity, humility, and then, wow, what next! Enjoy this world.

Deflagrate: a wonderful word for happenings in the material world. Thanks Sidey.


6 thoughts on “Change, science, little bit humility…

  1. Great post – I like what you’ve done with it – the definition and then your take on it. And I couldn’t agree more when you say “Deflagrate: a wonderful word for happenings in the material world.”


  2. Said and told with such poetic reasoning. Seems there are two forces at work -hard science and soft science -which for me the later is the more important one for a regular everyday bumpkin such as I.

    I enjoyed immensely.


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