Variety, and thoughts on difference

Inspired by Sidey – weekend theme “variations on a theme” – though her own experience just after posting the theme caused some hesitation and further thoughts.  However, the theme fitted right in to something I have been thinking about for a while, what is it that motivates (me? others? different others?) posting on a blog, and what is it that themes and challenges do in the motivation process? Ended up with a different post altogether – no surprise there – it’s what happens when I start writing.

Not sure what I was thinking, then Sidey comes up with variations, and on Sunday evening, while looking after grand-daughters I helpfully thought I would put out the trash, and saw this wonderful setting sun rainbow. Good deeds are rewarded.

Setting sun rainbow

I just WANTED to share it, GOT THE GIRLS TO STOP WATCHING THEIR SHOW, they liked it too. Still want to share, though I know we have all seen sunsets and rainbows and better photos too. I can think up connections after the fact of ‘wanting’ – change of day to night, sun to rain, shades in the sky, all sorts of variation, but none of them catch the real motive, I want others to see too.

I was thinking about themes and challenges before Sidey offered the theme. What is it that makes me want to post about something? And by extension, what makes others want to? We are social, pre-programmed to share, to make contact.

Thoughts so far:

enjoyed this stuff since I started

not always in the mood

it begins somewhere unconscious

want a repeat of the pleasure, but not just the same thing over

often need something outside myself to get the writing going

who also feels like this?

those who challenge and those who respond to challenge

LOVED Tinman’s weekly drawing challenge response to photo challenge and current broken camera post

some people are thrawn? like me?

love seeing different takes from others on themes

how amazing we all are

GOSH who would not want to do this sort of stuff. making connections


And at the same time, we each look out for our own, pre-programmed this way too, apologies for the photo quality of this one:

Sparrow feeding family

From a place where doors can be left unlocked all day, and keys are in the van so a girl-sitting granny can swing by and collect it, I am distressed by the reminder of the necessity for gated communities – I have been there too and lived in a variety of different contexts – I know they are necessary for safety in some places and in other places we lock doors routinely and have burglar proof window locks, etc. I also know – statistically – most crime falls hardest on the least privileged in our societies, however shocked we may be by the loss of TV or loved jewellery, and by the personal loss which can never be a statistic.

In looking after oneself and one’s family, creativity and life has so many variations, all sorts of differences to enjoy, they arrive by chance from somewhere after having been fed, after having survived.

The gated mind, can’t feel for different others, is not a variation, it is a different road altogether, please please can anyone powerful start to see that when survival itself is an endless struggle, the only possible life is the one which thinks only of self: ME, MINE, I WANT. Not good, not for anyone.

Not a variation on wanting to share, not a motivation to creativity, just difference of a selfish/despairing/destructive kind.

A possible ray of hope – article here – the new president of the World Bank, Jim Yong Kim, wants to eradicate poverty. I hope. I try not to be cynical. [World Bank?? wait and see?] Please Mr Kim, try co-operation and collaboration, get away from the economy of competition. A bank of the world, for the world, would be nice.

3 thoughts on “Variety, and thoughts on difference

  1. My purpose inthe theme is to have fun reading how many people all look at the same thing and see so many different ways to post about it. variations on a theme indeed


  2. Thank you for showing us your thought processes, Elspeth. You always lead us to an interesting point- I agree on trying cooperation and collaboration, more gets done that way!


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