Island Summer

Too much going on and I have not been posting. My iphone is full of photos.

Girls, beach, docks, more beach, diving, splashing, water, sitting in the sun, girls, some boys, … friends and friendship

I wanted to respond to Sidey’s theme this week as I’ve missed the last couple of weeks – it is Seven Wonders of My World.

I couldn’t get it down to seven really – but here goes:

Grandchildren (there are 3 girls here on Block Island and two boys half the world away)

Friends and friendship – kids here are special – full of life and love and sharing, and good manners too

Skype – for talking and seeing the boys

My own friends – present, absent, on skype anywhere

My people, my sons my sisters my colleagues my groups

Places I love – just look at the photos, or up at the sky

Finally…. my iphone ….the internet… and all that stuff

Depends on the way you count doesn’t it?

And on the way you look at it





5 thoughts on “Island Summer

  1. those are very interesting photos – the spirit of block and the kids have there are well captured . wish i were there too before the summer ends ! with my grandchildren ! love irene


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