Stars at night

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Walking Home on Spring Street         September 2009 This is a place where you can see the stars at night. Looking up into the blinking blackness. feet stumble on the grass edge beside the road wetness touches them with coldness momentarily, fear, I might fall in the ditch…

Blue summertime

Sidey’s weekend theme: Blue My phone and computer are full of photos from this summer, blue sky, blue sea, blue colour, but not, blue mood. But when the theme came up on Sidey’s blog, it was morning, I was sitting in the condo, and I looked up, as I do every morning while the sun … More Blue summertime


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The weather is hot hot, much more so than I have experienced before. Life is however very easy at home in the airconditioning, and indeed everywhere else which has aircon, like buses, metro and shops. Unfortunately I am not much of a shopper! All our household…

Run for the boat

All island dwellers will understand the title to this post. When you go off-island, you have to get back again. You have to do everything that can’t be done/got/whatever while you are off You have to catch the last boat. Drive, park the car, grab all the bags, children, dog, RUN FOR THE BOAT Yesterday … More Run for the boat

We got gold

A new addition to the BI family: Finn the golden retriever, hair the same colour as Dad and the golden girls. And here are some more pictures from this evening. In some there is a second golden retriever. Sullivan is Finn’s sister, now part of the Heinz clan.