Spirit – free or not free?

Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit!

Are they giving away the whiskey now? Just facetious, it’s part of what often happens with me, my first thought is irreverent and needs to be censored. Try again. (Curiosity – does that happen to others often too?)

This very old favourite photo is of three very spirited sisters, my mother and two of my aunts.  [I posted it before under friendship – but that’s the thing about an iconic photo – it can mean many different things.]

Three sisters, circa 1930’s

Now, they are dust ashes wormfood free. Their spirit lives on in me, and my sisters and cousins and their grandchildren. Even though the photo shows joy, these women were not free. 1920’s, 30’s … no way were they without ties or shibboleths dictating their choices, though they were adventurous they also took on responsibility and accepted those restrictions on their freedom.

Try again, “free spirit” 2012 style:

Jumping at Payne’s Dock

If this is free spirit, it is momentary – next moment she is in very very deep waters.

Freedom is in essence a freedom to take on oneself and the world, with its responsibilities and demands, if one jumps, accept the consequences too. This jumping was a joyous day.

Free Spirit – No, I think this is a fantasy, a desire, a dream. Real life with its ties is where spirit lives.

But – I expect there will be a lot of good photos coming up, it is a great theme!

11 thoughts on “Spirit – free or not free?

  1. I adore the older photos. And by the way your name is one that was very special to me. I used to watch a show here in America in the 70’s on PBS about a little girl who had British parents being raised in Africa. It was based on a true story. At the time I was the same age as main little girl character on the show. The little girl’s name was Elspeth and it amazed me what she endured during her young life. During the time I was watching the show a very sweet puppy had wondered onto our property. We kept her and later found out she had been abused. My parents let me name her and without hesitation I lovingly named her Elspeth. Elspeth was special as she became my mom’s companion while she was ill and until her death when I was 15. Then she became mine to help me through.


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