My favourite things

I love that I can change the wallpaper pictures too

What would I not want to be without? I posted beforethe iPhone – but if I should lose this one in spite of having a find my iPhone app, I’ll just have to save up for a new one. Another favourite is my carry-on luggage. Like it? I got a flower one because I use it so much that I thought I deserved something fancy. Uh uh mistake. Though this is slightly smaller than the boring black one my sister fell over and broke the trolley wheels, causing necessary replacement, I have been asked to put this fancy flowered one into the measurement box two out of three times travelling. No-one ever asked to measure the boring one. Moral: don’t draw attention to yourself.

But I still like it. Re the travel, since I have retired and have to want to visit my family who just happen to be all over the world, I have learnt to go without things. If it doesn’t fit in the carry on, it doesn’t come. See why I like the iPhone? Now I only have the laptop and one gadget instead of a bagful of electric stuff – camera, phone, dictionary, calculator, all their different chargers and plugs, goodbye all of it.
Things I used to value, I do still value, the pictures and bits and pieces in the Edinburgh flat (home, because of these bits and pieces) even if I hardly ever see them.

Artwork – Block Island’s West Side – in my Edinburgh living room.

My intention was to keep the BI condo simple – no things I didn’t need, and anyway trying to save for the next airfare.

But, things have a way of becoming favourites. Better take some more photos on the iphone to carry with me!


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