Coincidence, Synchronicity, Serendipity

It is a small world.

I know.

What is it about coincidence?

Does it mean something important, like synchronicity?

Or just, pleasure, serendipity, it’s just concidence! I met my friend Mei Mei eight years ago when she was my student and then she became my teacher. She taught me chinese for coincidence: tai qiao le 太巧了。Since then we have spent lots of good times together in Edinburgh, then in Beijing and Madrid, where she now lives with her spanish husband (met when he was in Beijing) and their twin sons.

Yesterday morning I talked with her on Skype, talked to the little boys, and to Eduardo, whom I have not actually spoken to for five years! We talked about our visit to Merida five years ago. And after that I had a look at some of my favourite blogs, particularly Kate Shrewsday and Andra Watkins who are giving us a great series on the Seven Wonders of the Worlds Architecture. They have chosen the National Museum of Roman Art at Merida!

I looked up some photos to remind myself. Tai qiao le!

(Andra’s photos look better, but I have to confess mine mean more to me, and even though mine have somehow become mirror imaged, I will just leave them that way.)

The National Museum of Roman Art in Merida, Spain
Mei Mei and Elspeth, June 2007, in Merida, Spain
interior of the National Museum of Roman Art, Merida, Spain
Mei Mei and me, inside the museum in Merida

I wuz there!


One thought on “Coincidence, Synchronicity, Serendipity

  1. Hi Elspeth, I talked recently about coincidence on my blog the other day – I describe it as your subconscious sending you a message that you need to pay attention to that thing. Now whenever it happens to me I ‘follow’ that coincidence and see where it leads. 🙂


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