Everyday never the same

Weekly Photo Challenge: Everyday Life – offers a picture of Ho Chi Minh city which shows that everyday is not typical for some of us, or that it depends where your everyday happens to be. Different lives, different cultures, different places and different ages and stages.

First – kids bathtime in a chinese apartment which only has shower facilities, but everyone knows kids like tubs, so you can buy these big plastic tubs easily in China.

Louis, Dou Dou and Ali
(Louis and Ali are brothers, Dou Dou is their cousin, all three years old)

Next one not from every day – it is girls make breakfast on Sunday. Ordinary life for this family.

Sunday Breakfast

I was going to take photos of my everyday cup of coffee, but I think I will just drink it instead!

14 thoughts on “Everyday never the same

    1. Living with the chinese in-laws for 5/6 weeks certainly expanded my horizons also – 6 adults and 3 boys and a baby in a three-bed one-living room apartment. Thank goodness this was a relatively posh apartment with 2 shower-and-lavatory spaces, the biggest of which housed the plastic tub. Luckily previous visits have taught me adaptability.


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