Run for the boat

All island dwellers will understand the title to this post.

When you go off-island, you have to get back again.

You have to do everything that can’t be done/got/whatever while you are off

You have to catch the last boat.

Drive, park the car, grab all the bags, children, dog,


Yesterday was Block Island Middle School first soccer match of the season, against Williams in Connecticut – more than an hour’s drive from the ferry.

I have to say soccer because we are in USA and using what I think is the proper name leads to confusion.

Callum is assistant coach and Fiona has just reached 6th grade so they went on boat and the official bus.

Rest of family, Wendy, Granny, Ruby Rory and new puppy Finn, went in support, on boat and family minivan.

Block Island is a small school, so the team is 6th, 7th and 8th grade, girls and boys, pretty much all of them. This means they usually lose to the mainland teams who are fielding mostly 8th graders, proven athletes. They lost, but they did play well, and ran and ran and ran right till the end.

Except Fiona who pulled hamstring 5 minutes into game and spent the rest of the time on the bench with ice-pack. Get well soon Fiona, the team needs you. [But onsite trainer says at least two weeks rest, as this is a previous injury, not healed.]

Fiona and Julia G 6th grade soccer stars, with Finn on the boat.

Then it was 5.40 and the last boat leaves at 7.00pm.

6.50pm. Made it.

Wendy drops me, Ruby, Rory, Finn on leash and all bags at the ferry.

Wendy drives off to car-park.

Official bus ten yards further on decanting exhausted team.

Ruby and Rory have bag each and run as they are supposed to.

I have bag and the water bottles and dog and tickets.

Dog stops.

Dog will not move.

Dog is pooping.

Help Ruby Rory I need you.

They are talking to BI Team friends and big sister.

I am holding dog leash with one hand, also tickets, hunting for plastic bag, dropping water bottles.

Get plastic, negotiate one-handed clean-up.

Callum [HIS DOG] decants last of team safely from bus, strolls across,

…… leave this bit out……

We are on boat, Wendy is on boat, Finn is mobbed by all children and adults, and other dogs.

That was his first ever run for the boat.




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