This is a reblog from over a year ago when I was living in Shanghai, helping to car efor my grandsons, just like a chinese granny. Last week we were talking about food to pass the time in the car when driving back from Connecticut, got to ‘like chicken pie’ and I told the girls the chicken story. Then WordPress suggested a focus on Expat Blogs – well this is one. And there are lots of others as being an expat was why I started blogging. Try a search for ‘visa’ to get a flavour of Chinese bureaucracy, or anything under “Shanghai”

My World, Your World, One World

The weather is hot hot, much more so than I have experienced before. Life is however very easy at home in the airconditioning, and indeed everywhere else which has aircon, like buses, metro and shops. Unfortunately I am not much of a shopper! All our household needs are provided for by our homehelp who comes in from 4 – 8 pm every weekday. She shops/cooks, cleans and launders so I feel incredibly lazy but also discover I could get used to this very quickly indeed. It is China though, so although some have heard this story before, it has been popular and I am posting it for the record.

A few weeks ago, our home help, ZhouAyi, had a brief holiday Monday Tuesday Wednesday – I now realise she was somewhere in the country, as she popped in very late on the Wednesday after the boys were in bed and…

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