Blue summertime

Sidey’s weekend theme: Blue

My phone and computer are full of photos from this summer, blue sky, blue sea, blue colour, but not, blue mood. But when the theme came up on Sidey’s blog, it was morning, I was sitting in the condo, and I looked up, as I do every morning while the sun comes through my shades. [This condo is really just one rectangular room – two sides, outer, are all doors and windows, the inner sides are the kitchen bathroom and bedroom tucked into the corner.]

Towards the East facing deck.
South facing – the sun comes straight through at midday,

I took photos inside the condo, then today, as the autumn fall starts to really come so beautifully, I was sitting at the Oar looking over the pond, thinking about the theme. Out with the iphone and take a photo. Yet another “blue” photo.

BLUE, you want BLUE, here, no problem.

From the “Oar” looking across the Salt Pond.

What I really like about this is how much the simple suggestion of a theme starts all sorts of thoughts. Reflection, appreciation, enjoyment came this week. Other weeks may have other feelings. Of course I know ‘blue’ can be associated with melancholy, and some of the music I enjoy as much as any other is the “Blues”, but today, I am thinking thanks thanks, what a wonderful blue summer I have just had.

Blogging is a great way to beat any of the blue blues which turn up.



3 thoughts on “Blue summertime

  1. It seems the blue theme has made most reflect on colour and emotion.

    I love the way we all associate blue with clear skies and happy days, and reject the idea that feeling blue can only be downcast


  2. Your blue pond looks delightful, Elspeth, and I so agree with you about how the themes make us reflect on things we see, or have seen around us. Daily gratitude is so important for a well balanced life. šŸ™‚


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