Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on Block Island

We are all OK and no-one on BI was hurt – but the sea strength has devastated roads and dunes and low-lying buildings. Sandy was much worse even than predicted – apparently the water was in a standing wave ABOVE the breakwater last night. The boats may not be able to get in to the … More Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on Block Island

A day inside

Warmth and light inside- outside – lets not go there today Thanks BI Power Company – its been flickering all day, but not yet OUT I stood on the deck to look at the sea – almost couldn’t hold the door. Sandy‘s worst is still to come. Lets hope all the preparation means not too … More A day inside

Twenty years on

Reading Speccy’s post about mothers, teeth, death and all that (and thanks to her for the way she has offered up my poem) has had me remembering all today that October 2012 is the twenty year anniversary of when my father died. My mother had died just six weeks before, her heart stopped, while Dad … More Twenty years on

Illusion and Reality

Inspired by Sidey’s weekend theme: the reality of illusion. And I am immediately muddled up – which way round is it, the Reality of Illusion oh no it is the Illusion of Reality? Does it matter? let’s Play First thought: TEDDY BEAR… what, why? Already done brilliantly by Tinman. Play, the stuff of childhood learning. … More Illusion and Reality