Mine and Not mine

This week the photo challenge came up late, and I was missing it, wondering what had happened to those WordPress encouragers – the challenge arrived late, turned out to be:  “MINE”. My photo response is way at the end if you read down this post. First, my different kind of response, thoughts and a poem, not a photo.

Someone once said “You can’t own people” and I disagreed, strongly. I knew what was meant of course, people are not possessions. But if someone, sometime, somewhere, is mine, then my heart has been open. See that, MY heart, not yours or his or hers! See that little two letter word MY, and there is belonging and responsibility and love all in a one.

It is a tiny word, but how much ‘MY’ matters. Be careful where you place it.

MY mum. (I wrote another poem here)

OK shared with MY sisters, and mum’s sisters were MY aunts. Not his mum, whoever he might be who had one of his own who was not her. Ditto MY dad, son, grandchild, friend …

Shared possibly, shared often, more than one, only one, it depends, but  many people in my heart are distinct and meaningful, and uniquely distinguished by that ‘MY’.

The size of this word depends on what I have invested in it. Don’t put it there, and they won’t matter, much. Not a world I want to live in, all you who are my people, thankyou for my world.

Which brings the other face of MINE, and the poem. (photo after that)

Is as it seems.
It is zero.
Exactly as it is.
None. Absence. Gone.
Hopes come to naught,
missing you everywhere,
you people my dreams.
Nothing is as it seems.

My world is now as enriched by its losses as by its possessions. Odd but true for me anyway.

Since I began my current travelling granny life, seeing each of my sons on three separate continents, I have discovered that very little in the way of possessions matters, the not-people mine (favourite shirt, picture, book, whatever) is always in the other place just when I want it. Try to do without, buy what I need, shampoo or new underwear, some stuff I would share (shampoo), some not (underwear).

I did like the Daily Post’s cup of coffee interpretation of ‘mine’, and, in thinking about it – took this picture of the only thing type possession which I has been with me since purchased in a ShenZhen market six years ago.

Much admired useful metre long string of ‘jade’ beads.
It cost 1 yuan so is probably genuine plastic even if it looks like jade.

Yes, I will mind if I lose it, but not that much, I don’t bother much now about the MY in front of my things. Time to go and have my coffee.

Thanks for this one WordPress.

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