Why Bother to Blog? To be better?

WordPress Daily Post today wrote about the value of comments. It made me want to look at what I had said before – so I decided to reblog this post from six months ago. I am more than ever appreciative of fellow bloggers and their comments, almost none from the originally intended audience for the blog.

My World, Your World, One World

Why Bother to Blog? The question came from MargeKatherine whom I have  just met online in this wonderful cyberland. I still do not really know if there is an etiquette about referring to someone else’s blog without asking them first, but I am saying nice things. Thanks for the question MK and for the blogs of yours I have read so far.

I expect the answer is for as many reasons as there are bloggers, so here is my personal answer, from then to now.

I still feel new to blogging. I started last summer because I was lonely in Shanghai where I was helping to care for my grandsons. But they were actually at kindergarten from 8am – 4pm and we had an ayi who did all the cooking and cleaning and laundry, and my son was home from work by 5.30, so this life being normal in Shanghai…

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