Crazy as a Coot – BI bird walking

Ruddy Duck
Ruddy Duck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here on Block Island there is a group of folk, the Crazy as a Coot Bird Walkers. I got up early this morning, when heading along Corn Neck to our meeting spot I was overtaken by Kim (our leader) and thankfully left the bike by the side of the road and got in her car. It was quite breezy, and hard to ride. We thought it would be hard to see the birds too in the wind, but at the end of the morning the count was 21 different species had indeed been spotted along the Nature Walk between the road and the West Beach. Not by me, I have to say, so my photos (iphone point and shoot) are of foliage and scenery, the walkers and the fairly unfrequented West Beach. But, there is a flock of ruddy ducks in one, on Sachem Pond, and we saw them clearly through the big scope Kim carts along the walk. that was about all the scope could fix on – all the others were in flight, darting into the trees or winging their way overhead. There is also a bird in a tree in one of the photos – can you find it? It was a beautiful walk even if pretty windy and early morning cool, and I was never sure if I saw the birds, or not. The final photo is from this afternoon, fine weather and low tide on Surf Beach, birds on rocks.

Oh yes – and after the walk, we all go to Bethany’s Airport Diner for breakfast. Great!


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