Extra post – KK Sister’s Home

I mentioned Malala from Pakistan in a post a few days ago. I have not previously used the blog for charity purposes, but today I received the email I have copied below from FROK which stands for Friends of Khwendo Kor. Khwendo Kor (KK) is a Pashto language word meaning “Sisters’ Home”. It is a non-profit, non-partisan organization set up in 1993 in response to an urgent need expressed by women for a forum to address their issues; it has developed into a sisterhood, guiding women to take practical steps for the betterment of themselves and their families. Check out the websites – see the “about KK pages” or the newsletters – to get an idea of the work which the founder, Maryam Bibi, has done in Pakistan since then, way before we in the west knew much about the region. See how her work on the ground in one of the poorest of the world’s regions, has grown and been recognized and valued. Recently I helped edit an English version booklet of Case Studies which opened my eyes/broke my heart/raised my level of admiration for the courage, intelligence and commitment with which these women work with sensitivity to both men and women in areas where doing so is not only challenging but personally dangerous. Like Malala, KK staff are of the people, they work with people, making change from the bottom up, sometimes amazing change.

this is the email, with added photos from one of the newsletters:

Dear Friends,
You will all be aware of the surge of support for girls’ education in Pakistan which has followed the shooting of Malala Yousefzai, and we are sure will want to strengthen this in any way you can. The following websites
will enable you to sign petitions which are to be delivered to the Pakistani President by the UN Envoy for Education. There is also a petition at www.independent.co.uk/wearemalala.
Maryam and KK have already responded to the shooting by organising local NGOs to exert influence on the government, and holding fasts and demonstrations outside the Press Club in Peshawar. This, of course, puts them in very real danger. Signing a petition seems little by comparison, but will play its part in building up worldwide pressure on the Pakistani government. Malala’s courage may have brought about a turning point in Maryam’s mission to bring education to the girls of KP and FATA (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqcxPHeNRoI). The signatures of FROK members can play a small part in this.
You might also like to forward this email to any friends you think would be interested in helping other girls like Malala.
The FROK Committee
Registered charity no: 1095857.
You can now donate to FROK by text on your mobile through justtextgiving. Create a text by typing this: FROK10 £[put here the number of pounds you want to donate – choose 1,2,3,4,5 or 10]. Then send the text to 70070. All of the donation comes to FROK, and the cost of texting is completely free.

end of email.

Back to me – you might like to listen to this – an episode of Al Jazeera English’s flagship documentary series ‘Witness’ featuring “Maryam’s Mission” – but it is quite long!



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