Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

This week the photo challenge asks for: silhouette. The photos I have are entirely accidental. In this one, a beach party last June, there was still plenty of light to see, but the camera responded to the strongest light, creating silhouettes.

Beach Party, June evening 2012

I have not previously thought of silhouette in terms of photography. A silhouette of my mother as a young woman, ca 1920’s, now hangs on my sister’s wall. The creation of silhouettes from black paper, cut out as an outline, usually in profile, was I think a popular art form. Recently, I was surprised to see another cutout silhouette, of one of my grand-daughters, the one whose birthday was the occasion of the beach party. I wished my mother could see it, or better still, could have met the subject, and joined in the party!
So I went to take a photo of this new, ‘real’ silhouette and we can’t find it anywhere! So I asked her to sit by the window- yes I could make it darker, but this is what I got.



9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Silhouette

      1. When words aren’t used, I always long to hear more from the poster. Your words gave your pictures meaning and a context for me to relate to. I love the picture of the party – the bonfire adds a nice touch. And your granddaughter has a beautiful profile.


        1. Thanks for this – I am never sure if photo-challenge means ‘just a photo’ but I guess it doesn’t need to be anything except what has meaning for me and I hope conveys some to others. It is really nice to get your feedback, I feel the same way.


  1. Black paper silhouette. We made them in elementary school for our parents using a lamp to the left and paper on a wall to the right and drew outline and cut them out mounted on white paper with cardboard frame in the 50’s. I have a professional pair made on wood in the 20’s of George and Martha Washington.


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