Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

Is it becoming harder to find the completely foreign? Shanghai Yu-yuan district

Yellow arch of MacDonalds is a frequent sight

Or – a little further north near People’s Square,

I have been told there are about 300 Starbucks in Shanghai

When I was in Shanghai Botanic Gardens with my grandsons, it just felt like “being with the boys”. Now, when I look at photos and wonder what they were thinking in each of these, it seems to me that ‘foreign’ can be anywhere unknown, in  the thoughts of another?

Ali, in the bamboo grove

and, in another part of the Botanic Gardens, some weeks later

Louis, watching the fisherman fish?

This theme made me think about what “foreign” means to me, especially as my computer is full of photos from four continents. [I’ll have to try getting to the others but not making any plans.] Foreign is simply any part of a culture which is not like the place I grew up in. So Macdonalds and Starbucks are foreign, in that definition. I am comfortable in many different cultures, and uncomfortable in others, some things seem familiar, some foreign, but no way are these the same sets, they do not match.


6 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Foreign

  1. I found I had several definitions e.g. a foreign body, like something in my eye, and think that really ‘foreign’ refers to something which is out of place, not necessarily unfamiliar, but in the wrong setting. What do you think? [The pictures of the boys are just me indulging myself!]


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