Sandy – we think we’re ready

Hurricane Sandy is expected. I have just been out for an incredibly wild walk. Yesterday was warm, calm and yet another glorious day. Today, it is still glorious but very different as the wind is already blowing wildly.

Looking North, the sea is already choppy and getting more so by the minute.

We are all ‘hurricane ready’. All the pleasure boats are out of the water. Outside, at the family home and everywhere else, all the chairs and picnic tables have been packed up into garages, and all moveable objects tied down. Even my little condo deck is cleared. I picked the last of the basil, coriander and parsley from the pots and had a grand cooking morning before consigning the leftovers to the freezer. My little plastic table and sit-in-the-sun chairs are indoors with the plant-pots and deck umbrella in the space under the hall-stair for the winter. My bike is safely in the store under the building. I have candles and matches – we expect the power will fail at least once.

It is far too windy to ride, but far too wonderful to stay indoors and the really strong winds are not expected until tomorrow. The sea is grey with white waves, and even at low tide the spume is flying across the breakwater. I am excited and love the wild weather. I want intend to return to the harbour again tonight when the tide is high. And, tomorrow is full moon. Maybe I should not be excited, I know there is a combination here and elsewhere in the path of this very wide storm which could well bring hurt and harm. But a feeling is just a feeling. There it is as it is. I am wildy excited waiting for the wind and the weather.

The Block Island ferries will be cancelled and Interstate Navigation has to take the boats away from Block Island and Point Judith to safer harbors.

Click to see bigger pictures.

Back home, please everyone, stay safe.

It has been a bad and sad week here. I am thinking of two families who have suffered separate tragedies, both accidents happening off-island. [See BI times obituaries and article.] Even while I am excited by a storm I am hoping that families and friends of Rebecca Domski and Hermann and Doris Hassinger are finding comfort in their griefs.

Take care, stay safe.

The wind is howling and I love it. Just like a child in spite of all the sensible thoughts.

Aren’t we fortunate that the weather scientists now know how to predict with some accuracy, and can forewarn us to prepare? Thank you all you meteorologists, and everyone who helps us be safe and excited and having wonderful experience at the same time!


8 thoughts on “Sandy – we think we’re ready

  1. Here in Miami. Been through six decades of hurricanes. Was lucky to be 35 miles north of Andrew’s concentrated force a while back. Beside the damage, even unscathed areas may be without power for a week. We have not been hit since 2005 with Wilma and Katrina.


    1. That’s another reason why I feel like a big kid – I know perfectly well that lots of people have hurricane/storm experience, much of it pretty unpleasant, but the knowledge is not affecting my mood – still exhilarated! Maybe I will feel differently when the power goes out! Thanks for reminding me


  2. I love that in all the tales of anxiety, woe, cancelled flights, stock trading and electoral canvassing, there’s you on an island willing Sandy to Bring It On 🙂
    Stay safe Elspeth, family and friends. sandy doesn’t know what it has to face when it gets to you 🙂 x


    1. Everything is cancelled here too – school, exercise class and even my own writing group. The tide is very high, but I am fine up the High Street safe and warm. I hope my friends with their enviable houses on/near the beach are OK, I hope everyone is OK. I don’t think Sandy cares whether it has to face me or not, thanks for your good wishes, x


    1. It seems very tame now that I have to stay indoors – but one step out it was obviously not tame at all. A lot of rain now too, I live up a hill so feel safe enough. It seems the whole world is watching!


  3. Well Elspeth, you seem to be having some fun – a once in a lifetime experience I guess and I remember how children get really excited when the wind blows in the playground!! I’ve been watching the news like everyone else and wondering if you still there on BI and hoping you and the family, (along with everyone else of course) are, and will remain, safe. It seems very frightening from here and recognise the power of the wind alone can be damaging let alone the water etc. Seeing the vidio clips brought back a few memories!! Enjoy but do stay safe.
    Graeme. xx


    1. Hi Graeme. all well with me and the family and no-one on Block Island has been hurt – but I have just been out with all the other gawkers taking photos of the devastation – will post them soon. It is utterly incredible.


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