And now for … Christmas

Most who know me, know that I am not great at Christmas. Don’t like shopping Don’t like adverts for toys on TV Don’t like glitter everywhere Don’t like having to get things early because there is a last post day D..n probably missed that already BUT I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE – especially here. When … More And now for … Christmas

Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge is Renewal. Two responses are immediate, simultaneous: renewal of hope urban renewal maybe the last is just an expression of the first. All over the world, cities are adapting to change, older areas are re-modelled for tourists, once working waterfronts now house gourmet restaurants and trendy cafes overlooking the … More Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

Part of a story

 It’s terrible when you only pick up part of a story. That’s a line in a good post from Tom which made me laugh. But – I suppose we always only get part of a story. I have been thinking about that over the past few days for various reasons: on Sunday my aunt died, … More Part of a story

what? geometry?

The Daily Post at WordPress has suggested GEOMETRY for the weekly photo challenge. To me, geometry is about the underlying maths of points, straight lines, curves and intersections, surfaces and solid shapes, theorems and proofs. Artists, architects, engineers and all [even nature, look up the golden ratio, not a pop group] use it to create … More what? geometry?