Change, and Compassion

One of the quirky places I have always had a look at when I returned to Block Island after having been away, is was the sunken boat skeleton in Old Harbor. The boat has long been gone, but somehow its ribs showed through the sand as seaweed grew on it. The first photo was taken last April, the second yesterday. No more ribs to see after Sandy’s storm.

[Click for bigger pictures.]

Changes, changes, part of life isn’t it?

Why title this post COMPASSION as well as CHANGE?

My inbox this morning had a post from “Inside the Brain“.

Change your mind?

Can you change your mind?

How do you change your mind?

What happens if you change your mind?

This is not a self-help video, it is solid information. I thought it was brilliant and straightforward to listen to. To me it ties in with psycho-dynamic experience, but there is not a word of the psycho-babble which can be so off-putting, just science – some people get put off by that instead. Don’t be!!

[Thankyou to everyone who has had a part in making this info available to us all – follow the links and find who they are.]

Change your mind with compassion…


now there’s a thought for today.

[Do you like my poem about compassion, written a couple of months ago? Self advert allowed here.]


6 thoughts on “Change, and Compassion

  1. Yes, Elspeth, it is an interesting video that makes a lot of sense. Reprogramming what we don’t want with what we do. We can be the change that we want to be! (I’m reading a lot of posts about change at the moment – it’s obviously a message I need to hear!)


    1. Change and also the often hidden processes that make it happen – I like the way it showed stuff we could not begin to know about, unconscious, could be shifted by what we decided to do consciously. Made sense to me, so go for your inner world change too, the outer world starts to look after itself better… I hope…


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