what? geometry?

The Daily Post at WordPress has suggested GEOMETRY for the weekly photo challenge. To me, geometry is about the underlying maths of points, straight lines, curves and intersections, surfaces and solid shapes, theorems and proofs. Artists, architects, engineers and all [even nature, look up the golden ratio, not a pop group] use it to create form, beauty, utility  and strength.

In China, many parks are laid out with geometric precision.

Photo 1: the boys do not seem to notice the beauty of the tilings underfoot

A public park between Pubei Road and Guilin Street, Shanghai.

Photo 2: The building draws the eye, but notice the tiles in the foreground, again geometric layout.

From People’s Park, Shanghai.

One of my “fond” memories of achievement is that long ago, I got 100% for geometry in Northern Ireland’s Junior Certificate of Education – BUT – I got it on THE GIRL’S PAPER !!!  In those days, in NI at least, there were different papers for girls and for boys, in subjects such as geometry where girls were assumed to need a different type of question, as they “had a different kind of aptitude”. I will never know if I could have got 100% in a more equal kind of examination.

All young people who read this blog – can you believe that sort of stuff happened, not centuries ago, but relatively recently. What do you think “we” might be assuming now which is just as silly? Or worse, damaging to development?


8 thoughts on “what? geometry?

  1. A girl’s paper – what a sad comment on gender prejudice.

    The large branch of the Bank of Scotland here in Edinburgh has very nice architecture and I went in to take a look. The official I spoke to pointed out various features – including the now-defunct women’s counter where married women could transact their business by virtue of the largesse of their husbands….


    1. I hadn’t heard of a women’s counter – at least they got to do business – there was a time when even that was not allowed. And still is no tin some parts of the world – feels weird doesn’t it?


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