Part of a story

 It’s terrible when you only pick up part of a story.

That’s a line in a good post from Tom which made me laugh.

But – I suppose we always only get part of a story. I have been thinking about that over the past few days for various reasons:

on Sunday my aunt died, the last of her generation (it is OK, there have been a lot of phone calls and good talks with my sisters and my cousin)

one of the writing group members read a poignant piece about how she feels knowing that her children do not really know about her mother, that a huge part of her experience is now not known about

the kids and I were talking memories, etc.

In the writing group we talked about how it is inevitable that there will be fewer and fewer people around who have known us for ever, I am very glad I have sisters, however much our memories of the same things are different.

Part of a story.

I am very conscious that this is what happens here, while blogging. A very partial story.

I am missing Sidey. I only know her from blogging, I met her soon after I began and she had clearly been writing for ages, so I learned a lot just from following.

But, a sad blog some days ago, and then silence. Well anyone can stop writing for a while or stop altogether, as she always said in the weekend theme, the only rule is “have fun”.

I do not know if there are blogging rules for what to do when missing someone who has only been met in the cyberspace.

And, I know no-one has to tell me what’s going on in someone’s real life. I am not writing this out of curiosity, though there  be might some of that around.

Just, Sidey, I think you might be needing our thoughts. If I am wrong and making a fool of myself, well it won’t be the first time, no doubt. If mentioning your absence is out of order, just have a good laugh, have fun thinking about how odd other folk can be.

But, if you are not writing just now for sad reasons, take care, you have put good stuff out to us lots of times. I hope as much as possible comes back to you. Take what you can.

Maybe it is not so terrible to only pick up part of a story – after all if that is all we ever get, a little can go a long way.


4 thoughts on “Part of a story

  1. Hi Elspeth… thanks for the link!
    I agree with what you are saying – I only think it’s terrible to hear part of the story when I feel I simply MUST know the whole event. There are some things where knowing part of the story are just fine.
    Yes, I’ve noticed Sideview’s absence from the blogosphere – my thoughts echo yours Elspeth, and I’m hoping she’s taking the time she needs. I’ve only really started following both of you quite recently!
    Hope you’re having a good Thursday…


    1. Thanks Tom – that is a nice comment – it makes me feel sane that my feelings are not too different. It does seem to me that people matter and are human whether little ole me knows them or not


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