Weekly photo challenge: Renewal

This week’s WordPress weekly photo challenge is Renewal. Two responses are immediate, simultaneous:

renewal of hope

urban renewal

maybe the last is just an expression of the first.

All over the world, cities are adapting to change, older areas are re-modelled for tourists, once working waterfronts now house gourmet restaurants and trendy cafes overlooking the water, and through towns and countryside the tracks of railway or canal, once for heavy goods, are now walkways and cycle paths for a more leisured lifestyle.

Click below to get bigger photos.

– three photos from Shanghai – this is the trendy tourist area, XinTianDi, where an old style area was refashioned without destroying the old brick walls and alleyways

– three from Edinburgh, the Union canal and the Innocent railway paths, commuter cycling, jogging, family walks

– two from Boston south waterfront, so many of the world’s city ports are now looking something like this, with a bit of their own character still there under the new boardwalks [New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Leith, Belfast, Glasgow, Bristol, London … ]

and one photo just for hope – where I do not think the castle walls will ever be renewed [Dunluce, Co. Antrim]

I think I have some photos of each kind of place in each of these three cities I have been in during the past year  – hope you like them.


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