On the mouse and other creatures

Last week just as I was getting to sleep, there was a rattle noise somewhere. As all the windows, and blinds and all sorts of stuff rattle in this old building, I just tuned it out. But in the morning, it was obvious I had an unwelcome guest, who had scattered a teabag inadvertently left on the kitchen counter.

Uh oh – the BI Times reports that the island’s rodent population is on the rise, especially the rats, which, like the deer, can be seen ducking into the undergrowth as you walk or cycle past. I had thought I was safe enough in my walk-up, but a mouse had made it upstairs.

I report with regret and some squeamishness that the rodent population is now at least one less. The only offering from the island store was old-fashioned traps. They work. And he was quite beautiful, not brown, but a soft grey with a white belly, and wonderful big black eyes, and I felt unexpectedly terrible. [Would I have felt terrible if he had been plain ordinary brown mouse?]

Enough of the mouse. the island is also home to many other creatures, both wild and collected. This morning we went to Dave’s house to see the latest addition to his amazing collection. Caspar, the Australian cockatoo has joined the gang. Elvis the turtle, who will grow bigger, a juvenile snapping turtle, several snakes and two dragon lizards. (there is also Roscoe, a smaller cockatoo who lives upstairs and so is not in the photos.) Kids are Rory, Ruby, Fiona and Mattias.

A couple of photos of Finn and his sister Sullivan too – they grow bigger. Mattias, Sullivan’s person, likes the snakes. Finn and Sullivan were NOT invited inside to see the creatures.

And what do the creatures eat – well the birds eat some sort of bird seed – but the lizards and snakes eat large worms and mice. Dave has a freezer full – I could have given him mine.


2 thoughts on “On the mouse and other creatures

    1. Dave has at least 6 snakes of different kinds – all safe to handle. They feel utterly beautiful to the touch, soft and warm, not at all how one envisions the feeling of a snake


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