Thanksgiving Appreciation

Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day.

I have only once before been in USA for Thanksgiving Day, and that was when the girls were very little, I remember a pleasant quiet family meal with a couple of friends and their little boy.

This year, this thanksgiving, I have understood a little of why this is the most travelled day and weekend USA has in its year. I do not think there is an equivalent day in the calendars of other places.

Not shopping, not presents, not frantic, not anything … except,




for family and friends.

I, and my family, spent the day with Meredith’s family and other friends.

Her four daughters, their husbands and children

Cousins, others, us.

Wonderful welcome, preparations, conversation, delicious appetisers, children playing, more delicious food…

Thank you Meredith.

This morning I walked on the beach, with many others, The Nature Conservancy Annual Thanksgiving Beach Walk.

The weather has been glorious and the sand was shining at early morning low tide.

Lots of rocks and those little purple jellyfish.

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Appreciation

    1. Yes indeed – we really had a lovely day, surrounded by thoughtfulness. I wish I could spread it everywhere! It is good to get your response and connections. I am off to see what you are up to…


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