And now for … Christmas

Most who know me, know that I am not great at Christmas.

Don’t like shopping

Don’t like adverts for toys on TV

Don’t like glitter everywhere

Don’t like having to get things early because there is a last post day

D..n probably missed that already

BUT I LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE – especially here. When anything is going on, everybody comes and joins in [well if they didn’t – there wouldn’t be anyone there would there? This is a small island.]

On Wednesday, just after dark fell at 5.30, it was Christmas Tree Lighting – on the Harbor Church Lawn. Pre-school and kindergarten sang some songs with a little help from a few older kids. Most of the older kids were too busy drinking hot chocolate and eating monkey bars. Some of them were racing about in the dark, fortunately the three I was responsible for (parents are having a couple of days off island) have the hair – strawberry blonde ponytails flash well in the moonlight! Granny can see them! And Santa arrived on the Fire Truck to wish us all well.


Enjoy December Everyone – wherever you are.


7 thoughts on “And now for … Christmas

      1. Sounds wonderful!
        That traffic lights post of mine has me baffled… everyone seems to be viewing it, and I wrote it back in 2010! Not that I mind, obviously! 😉
        Ah… tree and decorations. It’s that time of the year again! 😀


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