Have a good day

That time of year. Good wishes to everyone, though it may not always be merry and bright, I would like it to become as good as it can be. But … then… Don’t I wish that every day? It is Christmas Eve. Fiona made me a ‘table runner’. I have turned it into a wall-hanging. … More Have a good day

Peace is Delicate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate… hmmm… what it means to me… hmmm… Dune grass – September this year. For years we have been keeping the dogs and the kids off the dunes while we walk and enjoy our beaches, hoping the root systems will take hold and grow strong. Well there certainly were lots of roots … More Peace is Delicate

News I wish was not

Two bits of news have got under my skin. The Duchess of Cambridge was in hospital, so some newshounds scammed a nurse, and now that nurse is dead. I think about her family, her competence and caring, now lost. Belfast City has had some riots, about a FLAG,whether it should be flown or not flown … More News I wish was not

December to-do

There are many things to do on Block Island as the winter comes. [What winter? It was warm and sunny again today.] Yesterday – first Tuesday in the month – Crazy as a Coot Bird Walk. Thank you Kim. Thirteen of us walked along Coastguard Road to Champlin Farm. Land, Sea, Tree, colours are glorious … More December to-do

Lobster Pot Tree

Everyone’s Christmas is a little bit different – what’s special about where you are? Block Island the Lobster Pot tree beside the ferry dock at the harbor I like the daytime picture best I can see how it has been created.