December to-do

There are many things to do on Block Island as the winter comes. [What winter? It was warm and sunny again today.]

English: An adult male Downy Woodpecker, Picoi...

Yesterday – first Tuesday in the month –

Crazy as a Coot Bird Walk. Thank you Kim. Thirteen of us walked along Coastguard Road to Champlin Farm.

Land, Sea, Tree, colours are glorious dull greens and yellow dun orange, occasional bright red of winterberry. A Carolina wren sat out on a branch, a downy woodpecker [Photo Wikipedia] did his backwards walk down a tiny twig. I thought they found insects in tree-trunks, but I have to suppose that this busy bird knew what he was doing. Geese, ducks, warblers, as usual… I can’t be getting blase about all these birds to see even if it is Block Island where there are always birds to see.

This morning Kathleen Mitchell had organized a group. She is the island’s newest wonder – a newly appointed “Senior Co-ordinator”. Thank you Kathleen. We made shell wreaths with Becca Holloway who brought all the stuff needed, Swedish Tea Ring with Becky Ballard, and we all contributed to soup. Shell wreaths are not ‘my thing’ but making them and joining in the chat round the table definitely is. OK, I forgot to take photos of the Swedish Ring and we ate it all (cinnamon sugar, pecans and orange peel buttery sweet dough, oh and some calories).

The photos here don’t begin to show how wonderful the island colours are now, nor do the wreath photos show the conversations we had making them. Nothing could show how there is lots to do on a little small island.

And, yesterday evening we had the third meeting of the writers’ group. Reading and listening, more to come.


4 thoughts on “December to-do

  1. Wonderful pictures and description of block island at the moment. It is very cold here in Belfast and Holywood. But all well. Love Irene


  2. Seems like an idyllic place your Block Island. A ‘down home’ kind of place. A nice mix of harrowsmith and community energy. Enjoyed the images, though Champlin Farm catches my eye. Plus, now that’ a cook’s kitchen at the bottom.

    *harrowsmith was a magazine dedicated to country life and living here Canada. I and many here use it as a word to describe country living , especially to describe areas that value living and having a home which revolves around land and nature.


    1. I think maybe it is a sort of microcosm of all the variety of humanness that is around everywhere, except here you see it, with the usual choice of what to see and send around further… I am paradoxically missing my city life and people in other places even while I’m loving it here. I like your ‘harrowsmith’


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