News I wish was not

Two bits of news have got under my skin.

The Duchess of Cambridge was in hospital, so some newshounds scammed a nurse, and now that nurse is dead.

I think about her family, her competence and caring, now lost.

Belfast City has had some riots, about a FLAG,whether it should be flown or not flown or where flown or when.


Has no-one got any sense?

I haven’t much either maybe – I just write when I am troubled. (To Jacintha here.)



2 thoughts on “News I wish was not

  1. We live in a strange, unbalanced world at times, Elspeth. Things that seem to make perfect sense to some, make absolutely no sense to others. Everyday something makes me ask why? or do a double-take as something is just completely not right yet seems to be the norm for a lot of people. I read and liked your poem to Jacintha, but even this sentence doesn’t sound correct.


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