Peace is Delicate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate… hmmm… what it means to me… hmmm…

Dune grass – September this year. For years we have been keeping the dogs and the kids off the dunes while we walk and enjoy our beaches, hoping the root systems will take hold and grow strong.


Well there certainly were lots of roots – we can now see them well exposed, yards further back from the shore.


This picture may not be ‘delicate’ or even beautiful, but it is a reminder that many things are more delicate than we could imagine, conversely wind and water, many things we do not control, have more strength than we allow for. We could remember that. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try, but it does mean we should have less hubris about how important our efforts really are. And not be too sad when that which was delicate is seen to be so. Just try again, maybe changing a bit regarding what should be considered important.

Delicate: fine in texture, quality, construction, etc., fragile; easily damaged; frail …
Would everyone in another truly beautiful country please listen, Northern Ireland, PEACE is delicate, so valuable, needs to be nurtured each and every day. Go walk on your beautiful beaches and shores, watch the birds fly beyond Strangford, listen to the wind in Silent Valley, wherever something makes you feel more a small insignificant part of a wonderful place. Forget flags and marching and the need to force one view onto others. (Click here if recent riots in Belfast have passed you by)
Maybe peace can only come if many remember how very delicate a construction it is. That is harder than being angry.
As I finish writing this, I came across the news of shooting at Sandy Hook Connecticut, a school, 28 people have been killed. My heart and thoughts go there too. Please would everyone in this other wonderful country try to do something about the possession of guns. This cannot be right.

15 thoughts on “Peace is Delicate

    1. Has it ever closed? I think it is time it was in fact CLOSED by new law which disallowed guns to be kept anywhere [except possibly locked licensed premises such as police stations or army barracks]. Any of us could lose our judgment and sense of right in times of stress – what we do then can depend on what is present and available to our hand


      1. In the UK we find the US gun laws to be completely absurd. What sort of society would continue to allow people to keep and use dangerous weapons. I know it is enshrined in the constitution but surely it is time to review that? How many school massacres will it take?


        1. Yes – I am also a Uk citizen – just happen to have family all over the world. The craziness is so interlocked interwoven that making law seems impossible – my daughter-in-law who hates guns and would not own one says would I like to be a civilian where only police and army were entitled to carry arms? I can’t answer the question because I know from uk there could be wrong violent actions there too. I would still go down that route though at least as a start. And amnesty etc etc. all a nightmare

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  1. We just can’t seem to keep the guns out of the hands of crazies!!
    It’s depressing and discouraging…but I think it still goes back to a glorification of violence in the media.


    1. Regrettably it is not just media who have glorified violence – what about ‘shock and awe’? Etc. ad infinitum.. If the apparently most powerful legitimise reaction rather than thoughtfulness – is it so surprising that some people lower down the power structure don’t have a problem with it?


  2. What we see as stability is incredibly delicate, you are so right, Elspeth. Reality is a patchwork of suppositions. Our reality could change in the blink of an eye; I always think of how it changed for Anne Frank, a well- off child in a middle class family. Wonderful post.


    1. thanks Kate – I just hope our wonderful children and grandchildren will not meet such dreadful sudden changes, or, if they do, I hope they have the resilience they need from somewhere.


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