and …from last year

No fair – down with some bug – spent Christmas Day wrapped in the duvet watching DVD – just had a look back at what I was doing last year… Unbelieveable! Two Christmasses in a row home alone!

My World, Your World, One World

OK so it is just past that time of year, and where on earth if here at all [on earth I mean] will I be this time next year? To everyone I have not yet managed to email with greetings [in both senses of the word if you know the northern meaning of greeting] sorry, and do send me one as it will inspire me.

Our Christmas Day was like this: Donal Cindy and the boys went out for the morning – to their usual Sunday Fastrack school – no Christmas holidays here, they went to normal school yesterday, Boxing Day. Fastrack had arranged an earlier party with Santa before the class which would be the first bit of Christmas apart from our own small tree for Louis and Ali. When they came home, they had their usual pm sleep while Granny put the tree in the middle of the…

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