Last Year was a good one

The wordpress photo challenge suggested showing last year in photos, and I tried hard but it became an excuse for browsing through the thousands now deep inside the amazing tiny volume of 0.00125 cu.m. [a pretty good 4GB volume in computer terms but it sounds really really tiny in cubic metres – it must be the kind of size which matters]. A lovely way to waste spend several hours.

Last year was a good one – on January 1st 2012 I was on holiday in sunny Sanya, Hainan Island, China, before returning to freezing Shanghai (son no.1 and twin grandsons, then 4, now 5). Then time in Edinburgh (son no. 3 who succeeded in getting a studentship for his research) time in Manchester, England, to celebrate big sister’s 70th birthday, time in Cornwall with the friend I have known more or less continuously for 50 years, more time in Edinburgh and that was all in the first 5 months of the year. The rest, in Block Island (son no.2, family with my 3 grand-daughters live near). Wonderful. I got the photos down to 30, and even then have not managed to cover all nor can I rate what is in against what I left out.


2 thoughts on “Last Year was a good one

    1. And I didn’t make it to NZ this year – the plan (which may go astray anytime) is Edinburgh January 10 to end March, back to USA April May June, maybe Shanghai, maybe Edinburgh, maybe … I only think a few months ahead now and if it doesn’t go in the suitcase, it doesn’t come. there is a lot of lazing about in between the rest of it and I love looking at Facebook and the Finaly Skye life. xxx E


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