On a clear day

Today the water was deep turquoise with cold clear air and a high sky in which the moon could be seen for most of the day. As I rode along the newly mended Spring Street, I could see the distant rocks and white blobs but could not make out if it was indeed the seals, back at their usual spot off the beach below the south east track for the winter. Since Hurricane Sandy re-modelled all the coast, it is now possible to scramble over newly descended rock and scree at low tide all the way round from the little beach below St Ann’s and round the low bluff to Spring Street.

So I left the bike at the family home, collected Finn, and took him for a walk to see if the seals were indeed on the rocks. Click for bigger pictures.


6 thoughts on “On a clear day

  1. These make me homesick for a home yet to be moved to.

    You thought about them the seals, then followed it up. Am always surprised to how many people I have come across in the Canadian Maritimes whom have never seen a seal or a whale though they lived there all there lives. But if one just lives, an never goes out an about I suppose it happens.

    Finn certainly looks the part of genuine beachcomber , my kind of dog.


  2. Yup – I get the feeling you would like it here, your kind of dog, the sort of place you can be happily ignored if need be, can get out to the open space. Though it would seem you have much more open space up there in Ontario? And more freeze too


    1. Yes Ontario has the openess, but it does not have an Ocean. That vamoosed millions of years ago. Perhaps I have ancient droplets in my blood which needs to reunite. Dat’z it! Well a reasonable explanation as any -paradisaical fancy keeps me sane.


    1. Indeed – like you say on your side bar – the world is jam-packed full of stuff – just being out looking helps cancel the not so nice. thanks for looking at my photos


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