Last week – no writing

I just realised I have not written a blog for over a week. Easy to know why – it was my last week on Block Island. I left Thursday morning… travelled… was home in Edinburgh on Friday. More posts may follow but here are pictures from the Bird Walk on Tuesday and on Wednesday when I walked past the Spring House pond and up the hill to the family home for a goodbye for now evening.

Snow geese stopping over on BI on their way somewhere
Two herons and lots of ducks on the Spring House pond – the herons slip slid very very carefully across the ice, the ducks just walked.
Hope Finn remembers me when I return

3 thoughts on “Last week – no writing

  1. And so it goes. As a innocent by-stander, “Good bye Block Island, hello to what follows”. He’ll remember, as Finn is a friend.


    1. It won’t be too long till I am back again – if i stayed still I could moan about missing the traveling, but living this peripatetic life means I can moan (or not) about something nearly every day. What a lot of hellos to look forward to – thanks for yours


      1. Once and only once, I was in Scotland for eleven days a semi tracing ancestors origins kind of trip. A day and a night only in Edinburgh doing the touristy things and a pub that was not on the tourist trail.


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