Snow on the Pentlands

Edinburgh is cold.

Oh well, not unexpected.

It is also damp.

You would think I would have remembered that.

From Morningside Road - Wednesday morning
From Morningside Road – Wednesday morning

So far I am doing more talking than walking. My throat is indicating that I have been talking too much though I have also had such a good time listening to what my friends have been up to while I have been away. [new kitchen, painting rooms, also being away, grandchildren, …]


I am so grateful for friends.

The weather can be just as cold as it likes.




2 thoughts on “Snow on the Pentlands

  1. Here’s to friends and friendships -salut! … not saying it happened, but I might have heard that said in a Pub off Morningside. May the smiles of hello by friends soften the good byes.

    The Pentlands I remember. I now wish, all these years later that I could have walked some of it. Actually if you go to and CLICK on image 20. That image was taken from an picture I photographed looking northward with the Pentlands out of frame but lingering none the less in the far far distance. So I am thoroughly enjoying your visit.


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