Is it Spring?

Today in Edinburgh I woke to see snow falling, but now it is just rain. On Friday I was walking and thought it felt like spring. [click for the bigger pictures] This was inspired by the walk and by Sidey’s theme of “roses are red, violets are blue”. I didn’t have any roses or violets, … More Is it Spring?

Relax, walk and talk

The last couple of weeks have been all about house, house maintenance, housework, etc. Decorating and staying in for the plumber etc. Pre-occupying, boring to others, quite satisfying to me. I could offer pictures of my newly decorated bathroom, but it is still the same [small] size and [awkward] shape it always was. So, today … More Relax, walk and talk


Once upon a time, I made my own clothes, as many of us did. Sidey‘s themes have a knack of creating unexpected associations. I love reading everyone’s take on the subjects. This week it is “Simplicity”. How many of you remember this was the name of a well-known brand of paper dress-making pattern? They still … More Simplicity