Modern version
Modern version

Once upon a time, I made my own clothes, as many of us did. Sidey‘s themes have a knack of creating unexpected associations. I love reading everyone’s take on the subjects. This week it is “Simplicity”.

How many of you remember this was the name of a well-known brand of paper dress-making pattern? They still exist – this  is from the current website, my own pattern collection long ago disappeared in one of the clear-outs.

And, this is the nearest look-alike to a dress I made when I was sixteen [1956]. Mine had a V-neck front and back, and like this, was red.

My Dad said “You are not going out in that!”

But I went anyway.


Being loved, looked after. Learning how to do things.


10 thoughts on “Simplicity

    1. I remember Vogue too, and Butterick – I don’t sew much any more, as material and time taken, with uncertain results, costs more than anything I can buy just as easily. Something odd about that.


    1. At 16, I followed the crowd – stiff petticoats or straight skirted alternately. As a teacher/lecturer I always dressed ‘attractively’ as a respect for the students, but while a mother and at home, the requirement was practical. Thank goodness it is now OK to wear trousers, as it is now all about practical comfort with just a touch of want people to think I look like I tried a bit.That’s my version of what you are saying, I am who I am and I want other people to have a good enough idea when they see me… Are the wonderful songs you choose to put on your site any different – an aural version of who you are that we can hear?


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