Relax, walk and talk

The last couple of weeks have been all about house, house maintenance, housework, etc. Decorating and staying in for the plumber etc. Pre-occupying, boring to others, quite satisfying to me. I could offer pictures of my newly decorated bathroom, but it is still the same [small] size and [awkward] shape it always was.

So, today was relaxation with a friend, walking up to the Observatory at Blackford, talking, looking.

An amazing series of views and colours in every direction. A good day.


2 thoughts on “Relax, walk and talk

  1. Enjoyed the walk vicariously via iphone. Liked the distant headless sleeping giant. A walk with a friend and good conversation -lets just say am lucking to have a dog though the conversations are little one sided, Elvira’s tail never stops wag’n. Your right a bathroom is still a bathroom, still decorating and maintenance keeps us out of trouble.


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