Weekly photo challenge: Forward

This is a really apt photo challenge as I am just in from a day ‘out and about’ where one decision I made was to “Go Forward“. For those who know Edinburgh (and maybe more so for those who do not) I was starting out from the Dean Bridge area to walk up to the Modern  Art Gallery. This is Edinburgh, where “up” does indeed mean UP. And, as it was a beautiful springlike morning, and there is an alternative route, I decided to go DOWN first into Bell’s Brae, then stroll up to the gallery via the Leith Walkway, an off-road footpath by the river. Having gone down [which does mean DOWN] the entrance to the footpath by the water had a little notice:


but the barrier and tape was pushed aside and the path looked fine. So, not wanting to walk back up Bell’s Brae, I decided


Here are my photos taken along the path which was indeed fine – until I got to the far end below the Belford Road bridge and found the barrier not pushed aside but instead locked and chained. Hence one photo is the

look backwards after I climbed over it

I think my walk was more interesting than if I had just gone by the road. Definitely… Forward… usually a good thing.


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