Is it Spring?

Today in Edinburgh I woke to see snow falling, but now it is just rain. On Friday I was walking and thought it felt like spring. [click for the bigger pictures]

This was inspired by the walk and by Sidey’s theme of “roses are red, violets are blue”. I didn’t have any roses or violets, but I did have rhododendron and crocus, wrong flowers, right colour.

The theme also made me think about “sugar is sweet and so are you”, the sentiment offered in a long ago autograph book by a forgotten somebody. What is ‘sentiment’ and why do I not like it? Because it is sugary sweet? I am loving the responses others (including Sidey herself) have produced for the theme – creativity, not sentiment. Try Tinman who as usual has found many more creative endlines to make us laugh, and Colonialist, Tom also, while Pseu has got some beautiful photos.

Go on over to Sidey‘s blog to see the rest, they really offer a lot of fun and cheer.

It must be spring.


9 thoughts on “Is it Spring?

    1. tenuous indeed – but however it works Sidey’s challenges get me involved, and I find myself posting something. Don’t you find this too?


  1. There it looks like spring, here under ice and snow not even close.

    As for sugar coated sediments those are more out of ‘lack of anything interesting to say’. But words of encouragement can uplift if they are spoken with genuine intent.


  2. And the days are getting lighter in leaps and bounds.

    Like you, I see flowers poking through everywhere – crocuses, snowdrops –

    And it is sunny this morning in Edinburgh! Several days of sun already!

    Come Spring, Come!


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