Local wonderful Edinburgh

Daily Prompt: Local Flavor I don’t usually do the Daily Prompt from WordPress, but today I did a typically Edinburgh thing – went out to see what is on. Science Festival has begun – in the Magnificent setting of the National Museum a troupe of dancers from Scotland and China based their piece on the … More Local wonderful Edinburgh

Future Tense

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future┬áTense Not a photo taken by me, snagged from UK guardian newspaper, but odd that the photo challenge this week is about future. Is it tense? This is from Cyprus, does it suggest a future? Tense for us all? Why is the whole world not screaming out loud? The citizens of Cyprus … More Future Tense

Looking forward

My mum used to say “Don’t wish your life away”. I can’t remember now, but I expect that was when I, or my sisters, were not attending much to what we were supposed to be doing, and instead imagining bright and wonderful things were just around the corner. The future, better than just slogging through … More Looking forward

What can we do?

There are many and varied inspirations for this post – not least of which is my own sense of happiness and good fortune. This morning, walking in the snow across the Meadow Walk, I was stopped by (yet another) charity worker. She happened to be Greenpeace, for whom I am for, in general, but not … More What can we do?

Head in the Sand

Regular readers may realise that there are often a lot of notions (from half-baked to overdone) flitting about inside my head – connected, repeated, re-emerging, like fractals. Last Saturday morning I was at a meeting, like many other such I have attended, where the ‘what goes on between people?’ question was being wisely and interestingly … More Head in the Sand

Comet coming

Just in case you live somewhere where it is dark, or darkish, in the night sky, there is a comet visible now in the southern hemisphere and coming to visibility in the north in a few days. And – it is not at all near to us, so it won’t hit the earth. Look at … More Comet coming